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Goddess for Hire- Sonia Singh

April 4, 2011

For my first review, I thought I’d start with some good, new-fashioned chick-lit.  Goddes for Hire is of the newer chick-lit breed: not a white girl in the city who finds true love through a series of amusing & tragic circumstances. Instead, it’s about a young Indian woman (Maya), unemployed and living with her parents, who discovers that she’s the human incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali (check out Wikipedia for more details). Fiction with a supernatural twist is becoming more popular these days and this is a good example of the genre. Maya is from a classically Indian family (as represented in fiction, anyway) where literally everyone except her is a doctor. Her family loves her, but being thirty, unemployed, and unmarried, they don’t exactly hold her in high esteem. The book opens with Maya’s parents and aunts sending her off to the airport to pick up a man they’re trying to arrange a marriage for her with. Maya wants nothing to do with the situation, but the guy turns out to be gorgeous, throwing a whole new problem her way. To top it off, on her way to get her car out of airport parking, she’s snatched by a pair of men who tell her than she’s the earthly incarnation of Kali and that she’s destined to fight evil.

Maya is a good main character, if a little whiny at times. Her family is somewhat cartoonish, and no one except her parents really gains any depth throughout the book. Tahir (the hunk) is also kind of an odd character. You can never really pin him down. Ram, Maya’s guru, is easily the best character in the book. He’s kind of a cross between the Dalai Lama, Doc, and a grumpy old man, but his character is always believable and delightful. His quirks, like his quest to find real Coca-Cola, are charming rather than irritating, and he’s always amusing. Although the book seems to come together a bit quickly, Maya’s story does have a happy ending. The book isn’t highbrow lit, but it’d make for a good beach read.

Three Stars ***