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Hump Day: OPI Berry Good Dancers

June 29, 2011

Happy Hump Day! Today we have OPI’s Berry Good Dancers, which is a lovely polish despite being a terrible pun.


Here’s my song for the day: Neko Case + Nick Cave exclusive for True Blood. I haven’t actually watched the season premiere yet, but it’s True Blood- how could it be bad? Also, my favorite promo poster ever:

Promotional poster

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And I just noticed the “thou shalt not crave thy neighbor.” Even better. Happy Hump Day again!

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Tuesday (aka new stuff on iTunes day): OPI Chapel of Love

June 28, 2011

I mark my days of the week by when stuff comes out: Monday is a new Dear Prudence advice chat on, Tuesday is new stuff on iTunes/new book release day, Wednesday is new Savage Love day, Thursday is regular Dear Prudence day, and Friday is Dear Margo (who used to be Prudence, actually) day.

Today we have one of my favorite work acceptable polishes (and most of the ones I like aren’t work acceptable): OPI Chapel of Love.


Yep, that’s cat hair in the background there. Having a white cat comes in handy.

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MonTuesday- Orly Galaxy Girl

June 28, 2011

Let’s all pretend like it’s Monday, ok? :) Today we have the fascinating Orly Galaxy Girl:

For other swatches, I recommend, where you can find swatches of almost anything. And as always, Scrangie and All Lacquered Up are great resources too.

Sunday Swatches II + Zoya Hope

June 26, 2011

Happy Sunday! I learned a lesson in counting this week so I’ll be posting a set of swatches of the first polish at the end of this post.

This week we have:

Zoya Hope is a medium true purple shimmer. No hint of blue or red here. It’s kind of like a lighter version of Zoya Yasmeen.

Orly Galaxy Girl is practically indescribable. It’s got a purple base with a teal/blue shimmer and the whole thing has a very interesting brown/green duochrome. You really have to look at lots of swatches of this one.

OPI Chapel of Love is a light bubble gum pink with a slight shimmer that’s kind of a mix of gold and silver. The shimmer isn’t as obvious as your average one but it’s still visible.

OPI Berry Good Dancers is one of my favorite pinks. It’s a slightly lighter than medium pink with a silver/gold foil shimmer.

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald is a deep, slightly blue green with a silver shimmer. It’s similar to Dive Bar but it’s much greener.

China Glaze Custom Kicks is a bright turquoise with a subtle gold shimmer. Like Chapel of Love, the shimmer is visible but not obvious.

China Glaze Heli-Yum is a bright deep (not dark) pink creme. Seriously, it’s really bright and awesome- sort of a raspberry color. It’s also almost an exact match to OPI’s Dutch Tulips, but it’s slightly pinker.


And here we have our Zoya Hope swatches:

Have a Sunday Funday!

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Double Swatch Day

June 26, 2011

Hell0 everyone! So I swatch in sets of seven for each day of the week, but like an idiot, I forgot to count Sunday, so there will be two swatch sets today- China Glaze Hey Sailor! and OPI Kinky in Helsinki.



Friday Fun: Riveter Rouge

June 25, 2011

TGIF! Actually, it’s Saturday now, but whatevs. Today’s polish is China Glaze’s Riveter Rouge, from the amazing Vintage Vixen collection.


Here are Scrangie’s swatches of the Vintage Vixen collection…

And here are All Lacquered Up’s.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday Swatching: Strawberry Fields

June 23, 2011

strawberry fields… where nothing is real… strawberry fields foreverrrrrr…


Happy Thursday! Today’s polish is happiness in a bottle. It’s like bubblegum but with gold. Every time I see a swatch of it without knowing what the polish is I go “oh, I love that!” and then go “oh, I already have that.” Does anyone else do that, or does anyone else buy 8 different dark red shimmers because they love the color so much and don’t realize that they already have a bunch? I also have a bunch of reddish purples like Orly’s Close Your Eyes and CHI Behind Closed Doors.


Scrangie has some lovely swatches of the Summer Days collection (the collection that Strawberry Fields came from), and All Lacquered Up has nice swatches as well.

Also, for those who are not aware, clicking on an image will open it up in a new window and make it larger.

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